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The Hope Project

All designs on this page have been made in collaboration with The Hope project Cornwall and 50% of all profits will be going to support their cause.

Here is a little bit about The Hope Project:- 

The Hope Project is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for access to the Cornish Landscape for all people in Cornwall. We value the hobbies and passions of the youth and want them to put down their smartphones and gather and network in a responsible manner. We teach them how to focus their neurosis into an ethical, sustainable way that leads them to the landscape and education and away from drugs and participation of the instant generation that we, unfortunately, live in. We take the profit from t-shirts and put on summer activities for the youth and encourage them to utilise their subcultures, and styles to express themselves in a responsible manner, hence the t-shirt designs being brave and socially conscious. We work with the best artists /musicians /and thinkers to make a new way to engage the youth in an interesting setting using their music art and passions to make a better Cornwall for one and all.

T-shirt artwork designed by the British fine artist Chris Graham.

Undead and Hope Project T-shirts

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