The Most Terrifying T-Shirt in the world?

What is the most Terrifying T-shirt in the world? 

The answer may give you sleepless nights. This T-shirt is so horrifying that simply its name sparks fear in the heart of any UK citizen. 

The name started out as a simple question to a country in tatters, a question that no one really knew the facts about. 

After years of meetings and discussion, we are still no closer to a resolution. 

Like a Nuclear apocalypse, we now live in a wasteland of the aftermath still no closer to the end and peace for our island nation once again. 

It has only existed for the last 3 years but it is so terrifying that it is now the most translated word across the world. 

A word that destroys governments, tears apart country’s and makes poor people poorer. 

We have debated whether we should even create this design but after hours of discussion and deliberation, we decided that maybe the world is ready. 

Please hide your children, lock your doors and batten down your windows. 

This is not for the faint-hearted… 

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