Emerging from the shadows

As the country begins to ease lockdown restrictions, Undead Apparel begins emerging from the shadows.

I’m not going to lie, this has been tough. I have found it very frustrating watching my company sit there dormant. I am so eager to release the designs I have been working on.

To be honest, it has killed my motivation a little, at first, I managed to get a lot of new designs done which are currently sat there waiting. After a while though, not having the excitement of putting a new design out there and watching people react to it (good and bad), it has taken the fun out of it.

Now however things are slowly starting to come back online, companies are starting to trade again. Things are finally starting to pick back up. I have some awesome bootleg designs I can’t wait to show you all and I hope you are going to love them. So please bear with me!

As always for all of these people that follow my social media pages and support my business…Thank you.

As a small company, it means a lot and without you, Undead Apparel would not be here.

Check out our sale page and treat yourself to a bargain. Top-quality designs at a price that won’t break the bank.

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