Difficult Times

Times are hard at the minute for everyone, COVID 19 has caused massive issues for many small businesses. Currently unable to fulfil any orders due to problems with my supply chain. I am still accepting orders and will ship them out as soon as my supply chain is up and running.

The garments that are currently featured on my Sale line are all stock that I currently have and will be shipped immediately. Once they are gone then that is it!

However, it is not all doom and gloom. I am taking this time to work on lots of new designs. There will be a lot more full-colour designs, (still on black) that I hope you will all love.

Currently, I am working on a Neon Range, lots of line art Horror designs using bright colours to give the effect of Neon lights. You will love these.

I have started a range called Serial Killer Comics. These T-shirts feature a different Serial Killer on each T-shirt in a Comic book front page style layout. I’m so excited to show you these designs. If you love serial killer documentaries then you are going to love this collection.

I also have some Horror movie, and retro designs coming up soon. Including a Gremlins design!!!!

All designs are ready and waiting to go for when I get my supply chain back up and running.

Hopefully business will start to open back up. Obviously while still following the government guidelines and we can all start to get a degree of normality back.

Having said that I believe that what has happened has forced some changes to our society and the way we live, that I genuinely believe are better. Don’t get me wrong the deaths that have been caused by this pandemic are tragic but I hope that they have not been in vain. Hopefully, as a society we all take something away from this that we will carry forward for the rest of our lives.

People can finally appreciate what is really important in the world and it isn’t fame or money but family and spending time together.

Well, that’s my little Jerrys final thought done (if you don’t know what that is google it).


Stay safe everyone and come back soon.

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