Apparel Apocalypse

This is the Blog for Undead Apparel aptly titled “Apparel Apocalypse”.

“Why Apparel Apocalypse?” I hear you cry. Well mainly because when it all began Undead Apparel was going to exclusively be Zombie themed clothing (find out more on my About page). Things have evolved a lot since the beginning as any society would during a Zombie apocalypse and the impending doom.

In this blog, you will find out a little more about Undead Apparel and its owner. You can pick up some style tips for getting the alternative look on a budget.

Along the way, I will impart some tips that I have picked up on my journey to starting this company, for anyone looking to start their own clothing brand. Some do’s and don’ts and heck just some fun interesting facts and horror knowledge along the way.

I hope you enjoy my brand Undead Apparel, my site and my story…An Apparel Apocalypse!

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