All About Zombies

In the beginning, it was All about zombies.

It all started with a trip into town with a friend. We discussed work and what was going on in our lives. This led on to the conversation of what we would love to do as a job. I knew I wanted to do something I felt passionate about.

The conversation had sparked something within me. I had a real passion for horror, particularly zombie movies. Then it hit me Zombie themed T-shirts. My head was filled with ideas (all about zombies). What the designs would be? How would I sell them? Would anyone else be interested? This leads to the name of the brand… UNDEAD APPAREL!

I have always been a fan of Zombie movies and love the political and social undertones that the genre represents.

Dawn of the dead (1978)

A scene from dawn of the dead pictures Zombies re-enacting what their living selves would have done in life by herding to the local Mall

The idea was to create designs depicting the fall of society into mindless consumerism, the constant need for instant gratification and the complete disregard for people’s own feelings and needs in a rat race to satisfy and please peers and society in general.

One of my original designs pictured below gives you an idea of what I was going for.

Social Media Zombie

One of the original designs I made back in 2017. I absolutely loved it. As you can see it really was all about zombies.

If you want to see this design reprinted let me know. With enough requests, it could make a comeback.

Alas, the designs didn’t sell.

Undead Apparel changed its form on many occasions on its journey to where it is has settled now. I did change my original idea to make sales (obviously that is the main goal), which sounds hypocritical considering my original goal. I am proud of how far Undead Apparel has come. It’s not here to please the crowds or conform to a predisposed idea of what alternative clothing is. It is a collection of designs based on things that I personally am interested in and have a passion for or I just like the look of. The hope is that there are other likeminded people out there that enjoy the same things as me and have similar passions.

That my friends, is my target hoard if you are reading this then that is you.

Enjoy my website (I built it myself – self-taught). I hope you’ll love my brand as much as I have loved creating it.

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