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Endorsing musicians

We are proud to endorse Luke Wood the lead guitarist from an amazing band called Here Lies Titania.  Based out of Reading UK, Here Lies Titania are a young four-piece outfit blurring the lines between metalcore and deathcore to bring a unique twist to the metal community. 

These guys are absolutely amazing and have just released their first studio album.

Go check them out at

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About Our Brand

The UKS best Alternative clothing brand Undead Apparel.

At Undead Apparel we are inspired by and designed for the people that strive to be different. Step away from the conformity of the norm and break away from the shackles of the expectations of society.

Our unique, original designs are an extension of your freedom of expression.

Undead Apparel, Alternative clothing for Alternative people

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You ask we deliver!

So for a while now people have been asking us to make long-sleeve T-shirts or hoodies. We have decided to give it a go. Monday 15/04/2019 we will be releasing a Zip Hoodie to pre order We are doing it as a pre-order because if we don't get the orders then we will not...

Thank You

Wow, what a year it has been so far. So many new designs released already. So many more to come! We've just got so many designs lined up for the year. The temptation is to just release them all now as we just can't wait for you to see them. Expect to see at least 2...

The Hope Project

Well, what a month it has been. We have been working very hard getting this new site up to scratch and a collaboration with The Hope Project. On top of all of this we have been working on lots of new designs for the coming month of February so keep your eyes peeled....

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